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Episode 10 - Harloween

January 20, 2020

Harloween voices are on for this episode.

We find out what happened to Harley after the Viper's attempt on her life. Baby is acting weird and Cherry's plan for Adora is executed, with a little help from Ray

Harley - Tyrolin Puxty -
Adora - Paula Rhodes -
The Viper - Dayeanne Hutton -
Ray - Jeff Mueller -
Cherry - Gil Ramirez - StoreEnvy
Baby - Joey Couture - Twitter
Francis - Classy Don - Classy Don
Episode 10 written by Blair Beveridge and Joey Couture

Various ambient sounds care of Mike Koenig, Klanbeeld, Daniel Simon and Natures Temper found on and

All piano music - Myuu (Nicolas Gasparini)

Graphics by JP Rakath