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HooPod Holiday Wish - Vol. 2

December 24, 2017

On this our 2nd annual HooPod Holiday Wish we have another compilation of Hoomanity that made me grin ear to ear

Thank you to the contributors CandyGambler, Carlos, Chris, Christine, Dayeanne, Don, Erika, Felicia, Garuda, Jake, The three Jeffs (Brutlag, Burns and Mueller), Jeremy, Kalum, Maja, Mathias, Mike, Mitch, Natalie and Tara, Omar, Rob, Ryon, Scott, Stu Lou Who (a close and personal friend of Tony Noto), Teddy, TimidBunny, Tonnie, Trainer Jody and of course my fellow hosts Joey and Tyrolin.

Happy Holidays Team Hooman, we #LessThanThree you all!